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Clare from Frequency of Light is a qualified Mindfulness and Meditation Facilitator and Trainer and is also a qualified Kids and Family Yoga Instructor. She is the founder of Calming Minds which has various programmes for children and adults, in a group environment and/or offers one-on-one sessions. 

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Clare has developed a kids 8-week Mindful Meditation programme which is taught at various primary schools in Perth, Western Australia. 

Linda Shaw who is a qualified teacher for over 3 decades, has joined Calming Minds in 2023, now teaching the Calming Minds programme at various schools in Perth, Western Australia.   

Clare is super excited to now offer her programme to the South West.  

Clare and Linda are extremely passionate about the power of Mindful Meditation and the profound impact it has our overall lives, helping individuals of all ages, to enjoy the true essence of human existence by teaching, guiding and empowering people on their path, with the tools and techniques to use in their everyday life.  

Frequency of Light and Calming Minds’ mission is to bring lifelong skills of peace and calm to the world, by ‘changing one mind at a time’. 

While leading by example, they passionately gift people of all ages with the skillset of Mindful Meditation and guides individuals on their path to wellness in mind, body and spirit.  

They believe that Mindful Meditation is an empowering skillset for all ages that provides the foundation for overall well-being, which ensures a happy, healthy and balanced life. 

Here at Frequency of Light, we offer the Calming Minds range of programmes and workshops to support adults, children, schools and corporations (Zee - please note – these are links to the calming minds website) through-out Western Australia. 

To find out more details about what Calming Minds offer, please visit the Calming Minds website here: 

Clare will be offering one-on-ones and group sessions for Mindful Mediation at Frequency of Light in due course, so watch out for programmes being announced in the future. 

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If you are interested in a one-on-one session with Clare or would like to discuss in more details, Clare would love to hear from you
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