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Using our 5 Senses for Mindfulness 

Our five senses help ground ourselves and enjoy the earthly experiences that surround us, which will allow us to relish in this very moment. 

The benefits we gain from using our five senses are extremely beneficial to our mind, body and soul.  

Just tune into your surroundings using one of your five senses and take in what precious gifts that surround you.  Really stop and ‘smell the roses’ as they say. 

You can practice Mindfulness anywhere!


eally pay attention to what you hear.  Normally it’s just becomes background noise and we don’t really tune into what sounds are around us. 

Next time you go for a walk or you are just sitting, doesn’t matter wherever you are, just sit still and really listen to what surrounds you.. the whirl of the wind, the rustling of leaves, the jingle on the dogs collar, laugh of children, the birds in the tree etc. 

Really bathe yourself in all the sounds that surround you, anywhere and anytime! 

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f you think about it, we don’t really think about our sense of touch unless it is an unpleasant sensation like when we cut or burn ourselves. 

You can practice using your sense of touch simply by feeling the sun of your face, the texture of the grass that is beneath your feet or the fabric of the shirt you are wearing touching your skin. 

Turn all your other senses off and tune into the sense of touch helping you to experience something you wouldn’t normally tune into. 


Electronic gadgets are largely to blame to keeping us out of the present moment and we aren’t even really aware of it.  We are hiding behind a screen and missing out on what is going on right in front of us. 

Next time you go for a walk, to the beach or to the shops, try and leave your phone at home or in your bag. 

Watch the sunset or clouds and take deep breaths while appreciating what you see. 

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Being mindful when you are eating is so important and will help you to slow down and aid your digestion. 

Next time you are eating or drinking something, really focus on the taste and experience if it’s bitter or sweet, hot or cold, spicy or salty.  Chew it slowing taking your time while experiencing different sensations. 


Our sense of smell is such a gift so literally allow yourself to stop and smell the roses! 

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