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"A thought is harmless until we believe it. It's not our thoughts, but our attachment to our thoughts, that causes suffering."

- Bryon Katie

Paying Attention  

  • Our attention and where we apply it are all that is in our control. Nothing else really is. 

  • We cannot control whether a thought comes our way or a memory emerges. 

  • But we can decide whether we want to attend to it or not. 

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On Purpose 

  • It is about being deliberate and choosing consciously with a certain degree of awareness. 

  • You consciously choose what you wish to pay attention to; what is healthy to attend to in this moment

Present Moment  

  • Life in always unfolding in the here and now. In this present moment. 

  • It is only in the now that we can truly connect to and engage with life. 

  • We miss out a lot of what goes on because we are ‘in our heads’. 

Non Judgemental Way 

  • It’s not about liking or disliking the present moment. 

  • It is not about wanting or not wanting it. 

  • It is simply about staying with it, witnessing it, connecting to it. 

  • Non-judgmental acceptance of experience. 

  • Responses can be skilfully selected choices, rather than reactions driven by habitual emotional and physiological behaviour patterns. 

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With Compassion  

  • Mindfulness is not a practice of force. 

  • It is a practice of compassion and gentleness. 

  • It is a way of bringing the mind to the present without being forceful towards it, without an achievement mindset. 

If you wish to ask us any questions about Mindfulness or wish to find out about our One-Day Workshop exploring the power of Mindfulness, Meditation and Mindset, we would love to hear from you

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Bonus Free Simple Mindfulness Exercises

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