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Wooden display box features soft, complementary screen-printed designs 


Format: Wood box with screen-printed designs 

Box Size: 5.9″W x 4.7″H x 1.6″D 

Card Size: 5″W x 3.5″H 

Card Count: 52 cards 


  • These cards are for dreaming big and letting your spirit shine. 


    Place one of the 52 unique quotes in the window of the box and change it out as often as you like, or choose a new one each week and say yes to a year of fearless living. 


    You can even invite others to live boldly by sharing a card with them. Reflect on the empowering words and let your whole world become daringly courageous. 


    The set is an uplifting addition to a desk, bedside table, or display shelf. 


    Offers 52 opportunities to display positivity in a home or office 

    An encouraging gift for birthdays, graduations, new jobs, or just because.

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